These image files can be downloaded.  Please see our Brand Guidelines for terms and conditions for use of our logo.


JPG, 1000px x 240px
PNG, transparent background, 1000px x 240px
SVG, transparent background
Upload your own photo that you wish to incorporate. You can then adjust it by moving and zooming to fit the window.

Downloadable social media assets

These files have transparent backgrounds in place of the photographs – just right for you to overlay on top of your own photos.  You can either simply download the asset, or use our ‘Create’ functionality to insert your own photo.

Asset A

Asset B

Asset C

Asset D

Asset E

Asset F

Asset G

Build your own

Feeling creative?  Canva allows you to easily build your own – simply start with this Canva Template and the canvas is yours.

Brand guidelines

Find out about OpenBright’s guidelines for the use of our logo, images and other media.