Our aim

To address the gender gap in computing and IT-related education/careers for women living in the UK.

We award grants to women

We award grants to successful applicants who are studying or planning to study at one of our partner universities.

Women use our grants for research

Women undertake degree-level or postgraduate-level research projects in computing and IT-related subjects, including (but not limited to) software engineering, creative/social technologies, digital media, artificial intelligence and robotics.

These research projects lead to an academic outcome such as a report, dissertation, or thesis; or other relevant and tangible outcomes such as artefacts, applications, demonstrations and prototypes.

Women gain benefits in the short term

Women are encouraged and inspired to explore new ideas and undertake innovative research.

Women gain experience and confidence to pursue projects in areas that they may otherwise not have considered.

Women’s efforts are supported, celebrated, show-cased and rewarded.

More people gain benefits in the longer term

Stronger and less limited ‘pipeline’ of trained female IT professionals.

More women enter and stay working in the tech field.

Tech software and products better reflect the interests, needs and voices of women.

There are more women available to act as mentors and to provide networking opportunities to others.

There are more women in positions of leadership within the tech sector.

Find out how to apply

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